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The Story

Script is on development

The story takes the central theme of the internal struggles of three women in an effort to seek refuge from the imperfect understanding of love.

The Playwrights

The story is a collaboration of three new female writers.


Ade is a storyteller and her tales are told through her prose and poetry, the songs that she sings, and through lyric and melody she creates. Ade is a vessel for the stories of others as an actor, particularly in theatre, and midwives this skill in other actors through coaching. She carries this storyteller role throughout her work in journalism and social development. Now, Ade will collaborate with other amazing women to tell yet another story, through a playwright for this exciting project—a space for women’s voice with the hope to bring insight to all.

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With more interests in mind than time to give them shape and space to do them in, Ajeng Sharfina struggles to define what she is in the creative field, and prefers the umbrella term 'creative professional' or 'storyteller'. As an actor, she has performed in well-loved musicals such as "West Side Story", "Dreamgirls", and "Company" onstage with Jakarta Performing Arts Community, before branching out to the screen; exploring new stories in independent short films and taking supporting roles in feature films such as "Dua Garis Biru" and "Guru-Guru Gokil". In her spare time, she has also been developing her original works in songwriting and short stories, finding catharsis in diving into her own personal struggles and reflections. Ajeng is very excited to dive into yet another medium of storytelling in this playwriting project, and explore the complex inner workings of women's experience--be it her own or those around her.


Fonnyta’s interest in theatre writing started really early in basic school when she wrote, directed, and acted in a school play with her friends, for kick and fun.  That initial introduction to creative expression is the culprit of all the things she does in the performing arts.  Fonnyta has yet written a play, but she has been dabbling in poetry and short stories as her other form of expression ever since she was a kid.  Growing up, Fonnyta channeled her penchant for writing to a non-creative and report style of writing, which she despised but brings a good sum of money.  The New Play by Women project reminds her of the joy and the fun of writing for the sake of unleashing the story in all of us, as well the beast of our imagination.


Story Development Process

The writing process will undergo these five steps:

  1. First draft writing  (2 months )

  2. After the 1st draft is finished, the script will be tested and read in a table reading* process.  We are seeking to collaborate with dramaturgs to provide inputs in structural analysis and dramatic criticism

  3. Back to the writing board for revision of draft (2 months)

  4. Workshop of 2nd draft (table reading)*

  5. Final Draft ready to be workshopped on a virtual performance

  6. Virtual performance



* Table reading is open for public viewing.

**The story progress & event dates will be announced on the website under project updates, and/or will be emailed personally to the project's supporters.  Please check back here regularly 


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