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Theatre Productions Directed by Fonnyta

Portfolio: Press Coverage

The Last Five Years (2021)

  • The Last Five Years is staged to explore forms of artistic creativity that play in the liminal space of theater performances and cinema. The effort is to find a hybrid format of performing arts for theatre to keep surviving during the pandemic

  • This production was staged in collaboration with Shoemaker Studio

  • It involves a total of 30 crew and actors, and 12 of them are women.

  • The production is also the base of the experiential acting and singing training for 20 students in the JPACADemy program

  • The production received 16 Media Coverage with a total PR value of 430 million rupiah

  • The show received very good reviews from the audience. "One of the best musicals Indonesia ever created" - Uli Herdinansyah/MC/Presenter/Professional Actor


Company- Musical Comedy (2019)

  • Staged to highlight the female creative talents in Indonesian modern theater

  • Involving a total of 72 crew and actors.

  • Female artists hold important positions in this production, namely director, music director, scenic designer, props master, stage manager, and wardrobe manager.

  • The total number of female crew involved is .28 people

  • Received 8 media coverage with a total PR Value of 128 million rupiah


Blackbird (2018)

  • This show was staged as part of the 16 Film Festival of the 16-day global activism as an initiative to raise awareness of the campaign against gender-based violence

  • Specially staged to encourage dialogue on gender-based sexual harassment.

  • This production was staged in collaboration with the Kalyana Shira Foundation

  • Fonnyta was specifically requested to direct the show.

  • The production involved a total of 42 amateur crew and actors, 16 of whom were women

  • It received 3 online coverage and 1 mention in Jakarta Post newspaper


West Side Story (2017)

  • The first internationally licensed amateur community theater production in Indonesia.

  • Involving nearly 100 volunteered casts and crews, it is the largest production by JPAC. to date

  • Staged to raise concerns about discriminatory tendencies towards Chinese Indonesians

  • Obtained coverage from major media and managed to collect a total of 26 coverages in major media.


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