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Hello, beautiful people,

Breaking Barriers, an initiative seeking to empower women to amplify their voice through the arts, is looking for volunteers to assists us with our projects.

We are looking for:

Social Media Admin

To plan, maintain, and grow our social media accounts.

Social Media Content Producer

To create posts for our social media accounts. Using tools like Canva is okay!


To design and develop our program book and other non-social media materials. Experience with apps like Adobe Illustrator is preferred.


Women and other under-represented groups are often left behind and become an afterthought in the Indonesian performing arts Industry. The capacity-building efforts, learning platform, rooms for collaboration, and support groups are lacking, making it difficult for women and other under-represented groups to voice out their artistry to emerge as creators. Thus, they resort to working in silos and face the much harder challenge to overcome.

If women and other under-represented groups are provided a conducive space & atmosphere to producing works, getting support, and facilitating collaboration with each other, the more empowered they will be to make their own choices in championing our artistry and contribute to the Indonesian creative industry

Come and be our volunteers. Let's make a change together. If you're interested, please click this button.

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