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JPAC and Shoemaker's The Last Five Years is
A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Marriage of Film and Theatre

July 4, 2021

JPAC and SHOEMAKER's THE LAST FIVE YEARS is a masterfully created piece of art that is pushing the limits of what a community production could be....

JPAC's Company is Robust with Life and Meaning

December 28, 2019

 The production of COMPANY was as game-changing as its original Broadway counterpart back in the day...


Pentas "The Last Five Years" Dihelat Daring
Manjakan Penikmat Teater

June 5, 2021

“Produksi The Last Five Years kali ini akan menampilkan nuansa eksploratif dan kontemplatif dalam pengolahan adegannya ...

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Jakarta Performing Arts Community's
Road to West Side Story

March 15, 2017

This hard, sometimes grueling work is all going into what the JPAC hopes will be its best and biggest show yet...

Something's Coming, Something Good

17 April, 2017

Director Fonnyta Amran emphasized that JPAC chose to bring West Side Story to Indonesia not only for its popularity but mainly for its strong message....


West Side Story at Graha Bhakti Budaya,
at Taman Ismail Marzuki

May 15,2017

Under the roof of the Jakarta Performing Arts Community (JPAC), Director Fonnyta Amran and the rest of her team from the production succeeded in bringing .....

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A4 - Blackbird Poster - Cast Photo.png

Jakarta Performing Arts Community Commits to Fight Gender-Based Violence Through
Blackbird Play

November 29, 2018

Blackbird is chosen as it is believed to be a necessary step to open eyes and start a dialogue about both sexual violence and violence against children...

JPAC Presents an Affordable Broadway Show, “Company – A Comedy Musical”

17 April, 2017

“Company – A Comedy Musical is a show where all the players are required to do various character explorations...


Company – A Comedy Musical dari JPAC Sukses Digelar dengan Meriah

December 9, 2019

Jakarta Performing Arts Community (JPAC), sebuah yayasan nirlaba berbasis komunitas yang fokus pada pemberdayaan melalui seni pertunjukan, baru saja menyelesaikan pertunjukan drama musikal bertajuk Company – A Comedy Musical, karya Stephen Sondheim dan buku George Furth yang dipentaskan di Teater Salihara pada tanggal 29 November - 1 Desember 2019.

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The Voices that Desperately Need to be Heard

December 6, 2018

The performance is done in collaboration with sexual violence survivor advocacy and empowerment group the Pulih Foundation as well as Komnas Perempuan. It will be directed by Fonnyta Amran and stars Rizal Iwan and Ajeng Sharfina.

Blackbird Theatre Show Highlights
Sexual Violence Against Children

December 14, 2018

A middle-aged man was shocked to find a young woman in a dark blue dress waiting for him in his office with a look of anger. The woman then asked a hard-nosed question, “Do you remember what you did to me 15 years ago?”


Drama Musikal West Side Story Digelar Demi Perangi Isu SARA

April 15, 2017

Isu SARA (Suku, Agama, Ras, dan Antargolongan) tengah menjadi topik hangat di Tanah Air selama beberapa waktu terakhir. Hal itu lah yang kerap mendatangkan perbedaan pendapat yang seringkali berujung konflik...

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Tantangan Dibalik Produksi Teater
Drama Musikal The Last Five Years

18 Juni, 2021

Pandemi tak menghentikan pekerja seni teater yang bergabung dalam Jakarta Performing Arts Community (JPAC) untuk berkarya. Mereka beradaptasi melahirkan bentuk seni baru...

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